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“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”

— Leonard Cohen, Anthem

About Natalie...


Having moved from the city to Kemptville a few years ago, I have felt right at home since the day I arrived with my family and I have enjoyed continuing to grow roots in this beautiful community. 


I have had a life course rich in experiences that have helped me grow, and inform my practice. While I take special interest in critical illness and parenting multiple children (twins and triplets and more), I have a varied clinical background and experience with anxiety, depression, trauma, infertility and other life transitions, and relationship problems to name a few.


In my practice, I favour a holistic, integrative approach, which I tailor to meet my clients’ individual needs. I believe in building on strengths rather than focusing on pathology or diagnoses. We work together in order to identify behaviour patterns, and thought processes which no longer serve them, in order to help them change and heal.


I am sensitive to the fact that the problems clients bring can often have a spiritual dimension and I remain open to working with their personal meanings. I enjoy working with my clients and I consider it a privilege to be able to accompany them on their journeys of self-discovery and healing.


I am a registered psychotherapist with College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (reg. # 006521), and I am a member of the Canadian Psychological Association. I have a master’s degree in Counselling and Spirituality from Saint Paul University, as well as a master’s degree in Medical Anthropology from the University of Ottawa, where my thesis work was based on the experiences of parents of childhood cancer patients. I have a Certificate in Applied Mindfulness from the University of Toronto, and am a trained facilitator of the Mindfulness-Based Chronic Pain Management (MBCPM™) course. I had the good fortune of being trained by Dr. Jackie Gardner-Nix, Chronic Pain Consulting Physician, Department of Anaesthesia, Pain Clinic, St Michael’s Hospital and Medical Director of the Neurova Centre, and her team.


I am the Director of Clinical Services, and clinical co-supervisor for our counselling intern. I offer individual counselling and psychotherapy services in both English and French. 

Contact Natalie: natalie@thelighthouse-lephare.ca

Direct line: (613) 371-6778

** For clients with private health insurance coverage through Medavie/ Blue Cross, I now offer a direct-billing option. 

About Alexia...

I have a passion for supporting both individuals and the family in whatever shape and form it takes. I believe that supporting parents as individuals, and in their couple relationship is key to helping the family thrive. I also recognize how hard these relationships at times can be. I have over 10 years of experience facilitating marriage and parenting courses, as well as experience in my past careers of finance and running my own catering business. I have been married for nearly 30 years and have three young adult children.


I believe that engaging in therapy can yield such gifts as hope, healing, insight and change. I am an active and curious, empathic listener who will provide you with a safe, warm and non judgmental space in order to help you explore whatever is troubling you. Collaboratively, we can determine the route that you want to take in therapy.


I work with individuals, couples and families who are looking for support with relationship concerns, stress, anxiety, depression, burnout, grief and anger. I tailor my therapeutic approach to the unique experience of each client. I use an integrative approach and incorporate skills and techniques from Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), the Gottman Method, Systemic and Psychodynamic approaches. My work is both trauma-informed and spiritually-informed. Whether spirituality is a source of discouragement from which you would like to heal or a source of strength you would like to grow and deepen, your spiritual questions are welcome.


I am a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (Registration # 008305) and an Associate Member of the Canadian Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (Registration #2017750). I hold an undergraduate degree in Human Relations and a Masters of Arts in Counselling and Spirituality from Saint Paul Paul University.

Contact: alexia@thelighthouse-lephare.ca

Direct line: (613) 699-1319

About Sam...

I view therapy as a process of discovering and understanding more about ourselves. Through therapy we come to understand the many good reasons we have for our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. I use a holistic and collaborative approach where we can listen and learn about our wants and needs.  You can expect to be listened to by an accepting, compassionate, and empathic other. I believe that when we are listened to with empathy and compassion we can begin to become empathic and compassionate with ourselves and others. 


I provide therapy services for individual adults and adolescents, 16 years and older. I offer therapy services to adults and youth who are struggling with anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, trauma, relational issues and questions of sexuality and gender.  


I am a Registered Psychotherapist and a Canadian Certified Counsellor.  I am currently completing my PhD in Counselling and Spirituality at Saint Paul University. Previous to entering the PhD program, I completed my Master’s degree in Counselling and Spirituality from Saint Paul University. To learn more, please visit skcounsellingottawa.com 

Contact Sam: sam@thelighthouse-lephare.ca

Direct line: (613) 222-3157

About Brandi...

I offer psychotherapy services to individuals, couples and families, including supportive counselling for children, adolescents and adults. I am passionate about providing mental health services in rural settings for greater accessibility to care.

I am a holistically-oriented practitioner, meaning I consider the mind, body and spirit of a person during assessment and treatment planning, as well as the close relationships, environment, community and culture they are a part of. I use an integrative approach, mainly systemic, humanistic and experiential. I also utilize cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic techniques and interventions as required. My expressive-arts background spills into practice as a process-oriented approach to accessing parts of self which have yet to be heard.  Ultimately, I believe every human being has within them the power to change and to self-actualize.

I have experience working with grief in children, youth and adults, loss by suicide, as well as intimate partner violence, anger management and counselling people with disabilities. I have worked with a wide variety of mental health challenges, and am comfortable coming alongside complex trauma and the greatest of human suffering. I hold a Social Service Worker diploma from Algonquin College, an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Human Relations and Spirituality and a Master of Arts in Counselling and Spirituality from Saint Paul University.

I have completed Brainspotting Phase 1 & 2, as well as Attachment Focused Brainspotting training.  Brainspotting is a neuroscience-informed treatment which targets the brain’s natural healing mechanisms, using specific eye positions and focused mindfulness. It is a brain-body based treatment which integrates well with other types of therapies, used to process and release stored traumas underlying a wide range of emotional and physical problems.

I tailor treatment to meet the needs and therapeutic goals of every client. Collaboratively we can work together to sort out what may feel overwhelming and move toward the quality of life you desire and deserve.

Contact Brandi: brandi@thelighthouse-lephare.ca

Direct line: (613) 909-3181

About Courtney...

As I complete my Master's degree in Counselling Psychology (Yorkville University), my goal is to offer clients a welcoming therapeutic environment. Often times the situation that brings us into therapy will lead to even greater self-exploration. I believe it is through the maintenance of our therapeutic relationship that important topics will be uncovered as increased comfort is established. 

Since earning my Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology (2011, Carleton University), I have enjoyed working with children and young adults who have developmental disabilities, along with their parents. My experience in this area includes both educational and private settings. In my counselling practice, I am comfortable working with, and offering support to parents of children who have unique developmental needs. 

At the Lighthouse, I work with adult clients using a holistic approach in order to better understand their point of view and select appropriate treatment methods. I consider physical, emotional, spiritual, and social elements, with the objective of developing a healing therapeutic relationship while encouraging clients to learn more about themselves. I am interested by both Adlerian and Family Systems theories which place value on each role within the family. I believe that viewing a client holistically includes understanding where they come from and their perception of this role. 

I offer individual counselling services.

Contact Courtney:  courtney@thelighthouse-lephare.ca

Direct Line: (613) 371-6778