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Ida Bell

I am an administrative professional with extensive experience in office management and private practice procedures. My previous work experience, and knowledge of the healing powers of the mind, have brought me great nurturing abilities and an empathetic approach to providing the operations management required in confidential situations.

In my role as Manager of Operations and Client Care, I strongly believe in developing a solid welcoming foundation, from the first connection and through continued support which brings ease and comfort to both clients and the Lighthouse – Le Phare team.

I support our clients and psychotherapists in both locations, Kemptville and Kingston, through their psychotherapy journey and offer guidance through the administrative processes along the way. 

I have a passion for working with a team of individuals to guide and support their operations and to grow with them as they continue to provide much needed services to the community and throughout the province.

Starting therapy can be unnerving, I am here to assist you on your journey and my goal is to provide you with a smooth start to on your road to healing.  


By telephone:
(613) 371-6778

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