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By telephone:
(613) 258-0880

Jeffrey McLean

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

I am a Registered Psychotherapist RP (Qualifying), with vast experience and success in working with individuals, families, and couples. 


I hold a Masters of Divinity and Counselling from Tyndale University and has worked with a diverse variety of clients in places such as The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and Youthdale Youth Services.


I offer counselling for both individuals, families, and couples, and has comprehensive training in several therapeutic modalities.


I understand that challenging life circumstances, push many to seek help, and can become powerful agents of positive change, especially when one can be seen and heard, as they truly are.


I guide the therapeutic alliance toward a focus on reclaiming meaning through psychological insights, establishing well-being, and improving stability. 


I am highly experienced in creating a safe environment, surrounded by empathy, congruence and acceptance.



“Together we will find illumination, and with illumination there will be hope. You will experience a place of care and compassion for you to be free to express and experience awareness of yourself, your relationships and your life. I am well practised in the art of attuned listening. Together we will develop a deep understanding and love of yourself bringing you to a new freedom to experience the intrinsic joy in the new depths of your freedom and healing.”

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